This is What Stops you from Starting your Business

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This is What Stops you from Starting your Business Image Credits: pixabay | Jan-Mallander

Many things stop us from doing what we know can enrich our lives – making wrong career choices, lack of financial management, lack of education, even

raising a family are some of the reasons I have heard people give for not taking the necessary steps to self fulfilment and self-satisfaction.

When it comes to business, the reasons for sticking with 9-5 jobs vary slightly differently. It is always baffling when I come across people with Entrepreneurial tendencies and traits, who talk about business all the time but never take the necessary steps to quit their jobs and go into self employment.

While chinwagging with a couple of friends last Sunday, it occurred to me that amongst the 4 of us present, we had identified a gap in the market, a business, done a quick primary research, mapped out details for a marketing campaign and almost nearly narrowed down start-up costs. Basically, between 4 friends, we had enough resources to start a business the next day (Monday)

This happens in most communities, amongst most friends all over the globe. But most never take the next step to actually starting that business. Why?

Well, here’s the great secret. The reason for all that procrastinating is very simple….. FEAR!

It’s quite understandable though, for who is willing to take such a huge step, a financial gamble such as quitting your paying employment and starting a business? So, understandably, one must tread with caution, the only problem is sometimes caution becomes trepidation or fear.

Fear of starting – Fear of failing – Fear of rejection. Will you be able to raise the right finance? Will your product be accepted by the public? Will your business model work? WILL IT WORK?? These are all legitimate questions that can provoke fear; which can subconsciously cause procrastination.

What will that fear stop you from doing?

The most successful entrepreneur is the one that shows very little fear, not risk averse (willing to take significantly more risk than the average entrepreneur) and one who is willing to try almost anything. Fact!

You must be wiling to try everything. Easier said than done I know, but if you don’t try, you don’t know right? If you have a business idea, or have been nurturing one for a long time but somehow you have been too afraid to take the next step, well here’s a bit of permission from someone who’s been there done that. Someone who’s left a well paid, full-time employment for the unknown of self employment and entrepreneurship.

It won’t be easy, and anyone who tells you otherwise is hiding the truth. But here’s another truth, no matter how tough it is, staying at it is the only guarantee of success.

Go for it!

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Kole Obasa

He is a Serial Entrepreneur, author, innovator, blogger & believer in the power of Ideas. A motivator with a passion for global entrepreneurship, he is the founder of a few kick ass Startups - - . You can find more of his articles at:


  • Comment Link Kole Obasa Sep 08 2015 posted by Kole Obasa

    I like your take on the topic Mayowa. Surely, it just takes patience and perseverance.

  • Comment Link Mayowa Ade-Agbale Sep 07 2015 posted by Mayowa Ade-Agbale

    The man whose IDEA we see in the physical,is the man whose IDEA has passed through these stages

    -the SEED stage(precept)
    -the INCUBATE stage(concept)or(process stage).
    -the MATERIAL stage(manifest)
    So friends be PATIENT the WORLD will soon hear YOU.


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