The Idea of Starting Small

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When you start small, you are most likely going to become adept in the business you set up. It's just like climbing a Ladder, where you have to climb each rung
at a time. When you stumble from the first rung, you can easily regain stamina. But when you fall after climbing all the rungs, disaster will set in, because you have no idea of how to make a step by step climb.
I will like to share an experience relating to this analogy;
A week ago, I went to a DSTV office to make payment for the third time in 4 months. The dealer's office was closed. Multichoice have categories of dealers depending on your start up capital: small, medium and mega. "Them no dey, you fit come back." That's what I was repeatedly told during my multiple visits. It was a friend that later told me the Dealer in question has closed shop. He was a mega dealer before he shut down. 
I never met him, but with my analysis, I can tell he did not master the business before kick off. DSTV payment can be done with phones, in the Banks using the ATM, in outlets, etc. There are also a lot of sub dealers who offer the same services. Sadly, many of them are not even registered. More also, you can obtain a DSTV Decoder plus installation with ease from any sub dealer. GOTV, an embodiment of DSTV is also in large supply. It's sold in almost every nook and cranny of Lagos. Hawkers even parade it in traffic. 
These were the things that made the mega dealer to close shop. Since subscribers did not need to go to his office for anything. The last straw that broke the Camel's back was his location. The mega dealer had a lot of hands around him. 
If you want to stop what you are doing because of it's not booming, please think again. The most important thing is to learn the business. Yesterday, I was with the owner of Green Chilis - a booming fast food outlet in my neighborhood. During our entrepreneur discussion, He said, "you need to know how to cook so that whenever your Cook disappoints, you can step up to do the cooking."  
Learning is a fulcrum to being an entrepreneur and starting small helps with that.
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Obi Ebuka

He is an entrepreneur who runs his business, Meilleur Prix Nigeria, a small scale business outlet that is into marketing of Products (any type of drinks for events, bed sheets, cakes etc) and he loves to write too.

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