4 Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

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4 Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur Image Credit: entrepreneur.com

A great way of starting or becoming an Entrepreneur is by turning your pleasure to business. If you love cars, you can open a car shop, if you like party, you can

set up a Club or a Beer Parlor. If you establish what you have a passion for, you can earn you a huge means of livelihood. A lot of workers are not happy with the kind of job they do. Setting up what you enjoy can take your business to dizzy heights, but you have to be hugely disciplined to achieve your goals.

If you aren't disciplined, you may be spending more than you earn. One of my distinguished customers once said, "to manage money is much more difficult than to make money" a lot of businesses have been shut down because of mismanagement. To succeed in business, here are four fundamentals we need to be aware of.

Self Discipline:
I have always hammered on self discipline from the outset. Apart from being the most surviving factor of many businesses that have flourished over decades, it is also the fulcrum that propels any business; be it an entrepreneur, an organization or whatever product that hides under the umbrella of a business. Business should never be run on trust. The idea of employing a relative to run your business should never be entertained. Accountability and proper budgeting should always be practiced.

Practice of the Business:
Making money is not what you can get in books. You need more of practical than theory. Entrepreneurs who have learned to be independent have been able to make money even more than people that have taught them to. Lagos state is a classic example of an array of markets that is chocked by traders who worth several millions. These markets include Computer Village - the fastest growing telecommunications and computer market in Africa, Alaba International - second largest film producer in the world, Ladipo motor spare parts in Mushin and of course the biggest which is the Trade fair complex. Traders in these markets have really made a fortune form buying and selling.

No matter how good you are, you cannot satisfy every one. Customers are always right they say. To justify this, you need to learn to swallow all the bullshit that customers say, provided they will pay cash for the goods and services they need. I have lost some customers who have complained about our service. I have come to realize that it's hugely impossible to satisfy all my customers.

Total inner reliance in God:
There is a supreme deity, the creator of Heaven and Earth, the Alpha and Omega. After all said and done, we need to surrender everything into the hands of God. The will of God will always prevail. On so many occasions, God has always given a direction through prayers, dreams and inner guidance. Most times God speaks to us, but we don't pay attention. With God, a lot of questions will be answered.

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