Solving the "I don't have Capital Syndrome"

Nov 21 2015 / Published in Investing & Finance

Filled with excitement, after watching an Ad on TV from a first generation bank boasting of helping small businesses grow without need for collateral. I could

Starting with Nothing as an Entrepreneur

Aug 25 2015 / Published in Investing & Finance

Every aspiring and existing entrepreneur at some point has faced this virtual wall called ‘starting with nothing’. Virtual because unlike other things it’s an invisible

The Fine Art of Business Deal Making

Jul 03 2015 / Published in Partnerships & Negotiations

I regularly close business deals especially in the real-estate market sector. I like to think of myself simply as a Connector and in the last 8 years I've closed a

Making your Business Idea Valuable

Jun 24 2015 / Published in Startups

A large group of mice lived in a barn for many years. Life was wonderful, except for the sneaky black cat that prowled around. Hardly a day went by without a