Top 20 Reasons Why Most Startups Fail [Infographic]

Jun 06 2016 / Published in Innovation

Are you a newbie founder? Do you want to ensure your startup does not fail woefully? Researching early to discover why startups fail will also help you get

The Idea of Starting Small

Nov 18 2015 / Published in Ideas Management
When you start small, you are most likely going to become adept in the business you set up. It's just like climbing a Ladder, where you have to climb each rung

Building a New Business using LEAN Principle

Nov 16 2015 / Published in Modelling & Planning

So one of my partners was like he really needed to employ hands in his one year old company. He is a corporate entrepreneur and desires his venture to grow

Solving the Startup Capital Need (Part 1)

Jul 20 2015 / Published in Ideas Management

Come to think of it, do we really have strong valid reasons not to kick start any venture in life? Alright maybe someone might say fund is the issue here, then I will surprise you