I was summoned to serve and I yielded. I got to the place of my assignment and was welcomed by a weeping forest. My curiosity took the better part of me, so I inquired

Back in the days when the world was new, Zeus, Neptune, and Minerva had great arguments about which god could make the most perfect object. The three decided to

Ever since I became a parent, which is about three years ago I've discovered that most parents have the habit of measuring the progress of their offspring

A question was asked, "What is needed to set-up a small juice making factory (community based)." This business interest belongs to the

Do you always ask yourself this question “How do I come up with a winning business idea?” If your answer is Yes. Then, follow the tips below to get you started.

1. Start a Business that evolves around your innate ability.
Innate abilities help you do things with ease. Often times I hear people say, "what do you have flair for?" Innate abilities help you do things better, quickly and 'naturally' than others. It helps you do

Failing to Assess Market Demand

Success comes more easily if you do what you love. However, passion for a particular activity or product is not enough basis to start a business. You need to examine the market potential, competition, resources required to

When i meet people who ask me the question, "Please, how can i get a good idea to start my own business" I simply reply them that it all depends on them. I'm also quick to advice that

Below is a case study of what happened to a brilliant idea of an entrepreneur that was presented to a group of people to assess its viability as a business venture worth setting up.

Day in day out we lament the death of a "profitable business idea" that can be ventured into. Are business ideas really scarce? On one part, yes; on another side of the coin, I think business ideas aren't that scarce. We thus only need