Setting Up your Business Vision

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Everyone seems to have a dream, even an insane man do have a vision. Certainly when asked the question: do you have a dream? A ’Yes’ response well up in us but

come to think of it, not every individuals have got to give what it take to birthing a vision and achieving it. Some hallucinate in the night thinking they are dreaming of a vision while some are day thinker birthing new innovation – vision and seeing to its actualization by the day. You can equally place yourself on the group you are! Let’s redefine vision:

It’s a component dimension that makes us export our ideologies, principle beyond our present reach to future time. Vision is the ability to forecast into the future and live its reality while still in the present, an expression of the mind geared towards building an empire with future in view.

In life, each step or phase we attain is always a defining moment that either make or mar us. Its ‘making us’ is the concept that defines what vision we need catch from such crucial moment in life. Without a defining moment in life, vision can’t be said to exist because time is the determinant factor of how vision is being birthed and spelt out its terms and conditions. So at dawn of each day, what you have defined as vision is redefined into fitting in what it ought to be. Each day is making it fitted better and getting the attention it need get for its attainment.

Vision should be:

1. Realistic: Your vision must not be a fantasy full of promises or condition that can’t be achieved, it must be real to yourself, others and humanity. For it not to be real is you giving your life a chance of luck and your life is never defined as a function of luck. Luck is not a product in life even if your name might sound ‘Goodluck’. Everyone that has got good achievements in life where at a point favoured by God who gave them opportunity, has make good use of any opportunity that stumbled their way and have always put dimension of work into their life. How do you know if it’s real? It must be something that is worth running for, that can be achieved and that can get attention of people for them to see and support. First thing in making a vision realistic is to put down your thoughts irrespective of how vague or unheard-of it may be. In essence, what you are penning down are not just mere words with grammatical fluency but strong indication of the cause you’re being sold out to. The words are your feedin point that daily fuel your intention in pursuing a goal greater than you. Anything you can see beyond your mental scope, always write it down for there might be iota of vision in it. Then it must be greater than you so you can stretch forth your horizon in thinking beyond the now ‘cause anything that has to do with the now is not a function of vision.

2. Reliable: This is quite different from been realistic. What makes a vision reliable is ability to provide an accurate or correct picture over times. In other words, consistency is the idea. Vision must be able to maintain a pattern, paradigm shift or standard overtime with minimal variation taking place not to cause alteration to it but to help in shaping it becoming perfectly whole as the days goes by. So the response it generated yesterday should still be today’s response though there might be a slight change but all is still in sync with the actual picture of the vision. Whenever there is a deviation from the actual picture of your vision then the vision is not reliable or consistent to what it ought to be, the deviation is prone to cause change from the actual picture making its kind of mirage than been a vision.

3. Valid: Validity here implies that your vision is able to achieve what it is purported to achieve. This goes on to suggest that it is result oriented thought which has an end in view though it might take time. Time is the proof of your vision. What will make it valid is discipline and work, through discipline to rule of work you stick to the vision and get a rewarding end in terms of the result it produce at the final analysis.

4. Focus: Right language or concept that quantify the flow of vision with no sign of distraction even is FOCUS. Mirage is different from being focused on a goal, focus comes with real definition of what you want or need to see though still vague while mirage is just vague and nothing to redefine from it as what one intends to see.

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