Actions Required to Achieve your Goal

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Wait a minute! Can I pose this question to you? What is your disposition to life when you have handful piece of information which should serve as knowledge at

your disposal? Or how do you roll with such piece when in direct contact with issues of life? Answers to these question will determine how you turn the knowledge you have into working tools that should serve in transforming your life beyond the status quo.

Come to think of it, opportunity favours only those who are prepared in life. As such we all at each point must develop capacity to contain the handful knowledge at our trust into workability model. This must develop us and bring us to the platform where we deploy it for service to humanity. May I at this point invite you to come and let’s get into the flow! You’ve known all the talk, made all the talk and talk all the talk. But there remains a salient issue? Talk without concerted effort of work is just like a mere shout that goes nowhere far except where you are. Your talk will only be meaningful if it is worked out on a larger plain of action. People will turn your direction when they know you've got the capacity to solve their problems, that is just the simply way how positive influence work.

Those who will contain capacity are the dogged folks resilient in pushing beyond the limit. No lifestyles of comfortability, convenience hold space for these folks; status quo doesn’t define the height they can attain in life. I learned this maxim of life in a hard way that you can’t grow beyond your capacity; it is what you have strength for that get reproduce in and around you. There exist a platform each of us possess where we ought to hone our positive impact to wider scope of audience who must benefit from our services to humanity.

Passion without knowledge CAN’T be said to be sufficient in getting along life’s voyage. In my little stay in life, I’ve come to discover and see folks who want to get effective result based on zeal without a cause. But here’s the muse: it is in true light of knowledge that defines the spot where we channel our zeal on. It’s better to wake a sleeping lion who will be alive and full of strength to act than bringing to life back a dead sheep that is lazy to do nothing.

I close this thought with the word of a British Poet and inventor, Jacob Bronowski which state that “Knowledge is an unending adventure at the edge of uncertainty.” So join in the flow of turning knowledge to a working tool where you reel out action needful from it and SERVE IT OUT FOR HUMANITY CONSUMPTION. It’s a journey from the start to finish, so through it all walk the talk, lead the change!

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