Top 5 Reasons to Startup a Business after Graduation

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There are many people like me who also attended a university or a college or a polytechnic. In today’s world, many countries don’t have enough jobs for

graduates of IT and or Business related courses.  As a result many people stay more than three years or four years to work in the fields they studied in.

It is very possible for an engineering graduate or a biochemist to change fields and qualify for work in business related fields as well. I have seen many cases where certain jobs don’t require a bachelor of a master’s degree. These top 5 reasons are for those who are either afraid to start offering a service or selling a product.

Money is not the only factor why you should start a business. If you are considering a white collar career in the future or even branching into politics, you’ll want to consider this advice if you have no white collar jobs at the moment. If you start a business part time or full time you will be able to have the following skills which you can update your resume with them. 

  1. - Business Development and Strategy Skills
  2. - Marketing Skills
  3. - Recruitment Skills
  4. - Project Management Skills
  5. - Sales skills.
  6. - IT skills.

Business Development and Strategy Skills:

Business development involves the conceptualizing of a business, planning and customer development of that business. 

Marketing Skills:

Businesses succeed or fail if they cannot create awareness and convert that awareness to interest and also convert that interest to action. A new business has to go and find customers, marketing is one of the means to find customers. You’ll learn about the marketing channels, value propositions and customer segments and all other jargons that comes with each channel. 

Recruitment Skills: 

Depending on your customer acquisition channels and or your level of funding you’ll require either a programmer or a business developer or a salesperson or a marketer or designer or 3d animator or even a cofounder.  You’ll need to source (recruitment jargons), profile, analysis and select the candidates and make your offer or sign a contract or a verbal agreement. A bad recruitment decision can also be very bad to your startup business.

You should add recruitment skills to your profile because you’ve done some level of recruitment.

Project Management Skills: 

What is project management? Forget the expensive industry jargons and keep things simple. Project management is the act of managing projects. Amazingly recruitment is not explicitly included in project management but in some cases you’ll have to hire people to work on the project. In your new business you’ll need to manage the website creation and get it successful, you’ll need to get flyers designed, you’ll need to ensure you launch at a set date, place and time. You are managing projects.

The thing is associations of people who spend too much time studying try to create jargons and certificates to make money or keep their jobs. By reading a presentation on project management and carefully substituting it with everything you’ve done in starting a business, that qualifies you for certain  level project management jobs. 

Better than not doing anything and waiting for more than one year. 

Sales skills: 

There are different types of sales jobs, the highly organized type of sales jobs where there are long scripts and involves a lot of telephone calls. There is also the not so organized sales jobs where you can write a little script, use it to book meetings with customers or sell directly over the phone. There is also the sales which involves face to face selling on the streets or markets or event locations.

As a business owner you are your company ‘s or business’s number one salesperson. If you research on making telesales and practice it for your own benefit, that skill will be valuable on your resume. 

IT Skills:

I am of the opinion that every business needs a website. Ok, maybe not every business. Depending on your distribution channels and or your funding, you might have to learn HTML/CSS or Ruby on Rails or Photoshop or other IT skills you'd never thought were possible. While some of these skills may be hard to learn and be proficient on. Being proficient on certain skills depend on your time, inputs, drive and analytical abilities. Some skills depend entirely on your eye for designs.  

You might be able to add these skills to your resume and they’ll help you at some point. 

Start a business not so you’ll fail, start it to succeed but if you don’t, it is not the end of the world and you should capitalize on it. I am not just presenting to you an idea of something I haven’t tried.

In the meantime I’ve just start working on a customer development initiative called where I’ll find people interested in private tutors or private teachers for classes offline and I will connect them with private teachers through our platform.

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