More and more people aspire to become entrepreneurs. You are probably one of them. That's fantastic. But sadly, many of the myths and misperceptions about

A large group of mice lived in a barn for many years. Life was wonderful, except for the sneaky black cat that prowled around. Hardly a day went by without a

I consider it a privilege and great opportunity to share my entrepreneurial learning and insights with you. As a community, it is important for us to regularly

Starting a business has been a crucial issue in the business world over time due to the intimidating factor of generating capital for a business idea. Hence many scavenge for

An afripreneur in a discussion asked why its difficult for many to start a business. in the follow up comments, another Afripreneur said, most don't know how to carry out proper feasibility combined with the immense challenges of

Greeting people can be really profitable. The greeting card industry in Europe is worth over 10 billion dollars. In Nigeria I estimate that our literate population is over 50 million. Every person has someone they want to

Some of us have our business(es) already while many more intend to start one. Some are ready to take the plunge while many are weighing their options as well as the risk on leaving their current pursuit for

Dear Aspiring Real Estate Entrepreneurs in Lagos State,
If you have been considering real estate as a career, or you've just gotten started, you can make a difference in your

Many people want to start one business or the other and when asked, will say, they are tired of their office politics of not being promoted, inability to control their time, poor pay at the end of the month, want to

I'm no fan of Manchester-United but when it comes to business, its sentiments aside. Sir Alex Ferguson said in 1988 and i quote "This isn't a job. It's a