10 Ways to Tell Customers you are Ready for Business

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For perception managers, relationship and reputation executives and public relation specialists, the image of a company in the customers' mind holds water.

How your publics perceive you in the marketplace really matters, because

their actions and buying patterns are usually controlled from their thoughts! As a man thinks in his mind, so is he! ("Publics" is a term in Public Relations to mean your organisation's target audience or stakeholders)

You must be proactive enough to always help your business by conditioning your customers image of you before they do - although you cannot stop what they really think of your business and its operations.

If you really want to increase your company's turnover as quickly as possible, then you need to pay attention to certain points i am about to show you. More than 70% of my successful business deals have been as a result of religiously adhering to these simple, yet overlooked points.

1. Ensure you use a registered business name for all your formal business dealings, and print your business name on all the company's marketing collateral.

2. Have a bank account in your company name and request payment be made in that name always. You may request otherwise if the service rendered is personal and have no serious link with your company accounts.

3. Never take lightly your dressing and general outlook, whether at the office or when you go to meet a prospect! A major perception of your business is usually and quickly developed by how you look!

4. Always have a quality business card to give to a new prospect. Professional business people are aware of this fact. It leaves an impression on your client that you are real and not just an impostor! If you do not readily have a business card on meeting a client, promise to bring a copy on your next visit.

5. Answer all incoming business calls as courteously and professionally as you can. You can't afford to be rude or care-free over the phone. Also, ensure you speak good English.

6. Have a thorough understanding of what you sell or offer and be ready to give expert recommendation where necessary. Give your customer an impression that you truly know what you are offering - not necessarily bragging about it. You need to exude some confidence as well while doing this.

7. Go an extra mile in pleasing your customers. You want to make a sale, right? Do what you can to make them comfortable, happy and satisfied they came to you!

8. Do not stop communicating with your customers - before, during and after a crisis. Communication is a major recipe in the school of trust. If your customers must trust you, then you must be ready to pay the price!

9. Do not hide contact details from your customers, such as business location, phone numbers, email and website address. Give your prospects information on where to find you in the case of a dispute! Hiding your contact details gives an impression that you are a scammer!

10. Use Technology. Be visibly present on the Internet. Own a website. Connect with other professionals online. Join social networking websites. Discuss issues pertaining to your area of professional expertise. Submit articles for publication.

If I must add one point more...
11. Have a good image for your business premises. Your business place must look as professionally as you want to be perceived - well-organised, well-decorated, well-ventilated, well-staffed and above all, well-located!

Observe the 'big' brands we know today, one of the characteristics that distinguishes them is the ambience their business place provides. This will definitely costs you money, but it does pay in the long run.

If you don't have the financial muscle to furnish your office to taste, start with some simple decorative designs and furniture. Make sure you are working towards a more suitable business place.

Rome, they say, wasn't built in a day. So, start with the resources at your disposal. In no time, you will get there. Like I use to say, if it's your heart to do, it will definitely come to your hands!

 Best Regards

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Ayokunle Bankole

He is a self-starter, Nigerian serial entrepreneur, a company formation specialist of about a decade, and a small business advisor. He is currently on the board of Directors of some few startups: Delivery Merchant Ltd, Furnishing Effects Retail & Installation Ltd, Citizens & Expats Agency Ltd, and Global Infosolutions Nigeria Ltd.

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