3 Simple Steps to Start a Business

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These seemingly three simple English Language words came alive in me as I lie in my bed recently on a Sunday evening to think of the next growth strategy for my company. Like a flash, I was inspired by the thoughts of

"Think, Create and Incorporate" that filtered through my mind.

The most succcessful companies metamorphosed from a little thought to a large corporation.

The world is full of invisible opportunities that only the eyes of the mind can unravel. A successful thinker can be likened to a miner - the deeper you dig, the better - as treasures aren't found on the surface. Great ideas come when you subscribe to non-worrisome thinking.

Successful entrepreneurs know that ideas aren't free - they come after many hours of engaging the mind in order to identify opportunities, solve a problem, create a market niche, increase market share, or provide a need.

Whatever the reason for engaging in productive thinking, it exposes your mind and makes it receptive to brilliant ideas in its most raw form. The ability to think is not a skill - it's a responsibility that must be consciously given adequate priority. Truth be told, you are no different from your thought pattern. An entrepreneur is no better than the quality of his or her thoughts. The level of success you command, to a large extent, is traceable to your thought pattern.

One of the outstanding products of engaging the mind productively is the ability to create. This power lies within the confines of every being. Creating winning businesses out of seemingly simple ideas is the joy of entrepreneurs. However, ideas do not come as cheap as it sounds - they are worked at, not cried for. You must take responsibility.

Even Bible history has it that in the beginning, God "created". Prior to creation, however, the heaven and earth was without form and there was a "moving" (a thinking activity) on the face of the waters. The rest they say is history.

Think & Create!
It's high time we stopped whining about the vicissitudes of unemployment that stares at us in the face. Sit down to think and churn out innovative ideas that is capable of alleviating the problems of the society which we live in. Churn out business ideas aimed at improving on existing systems or norms.

Due to their interdependent nature, the ability to create enduring legacies rests on the courage to sit down and think. Give yourself to positive thinking.

Finally, after a careful study of the market for your proposed business venture, give your idea a life by incorporating it into an appropriate business structure registered under the laws guiding company formation in your country.

Now, you have set for yourself a foundation for a truly successful company. See you at the top!

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Ayokunle Bankole

He is a self-starter, Nigerian serial entrepreneur, a company formation specialist of about a decade, and a small business advisor. He is currently on the board of Directors of some few startups: Delivery Merchant Ltd, Furnishing Effects Retail & Installation Ltd, Citizens & Expats Agency Ltd, and Global Infosolutions Nigeria Ltd.

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