Before you Quit your Job to Start a Business

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Many people want to start one business or the other and when asked, will say, they are tired of their office politics of not being promoted, inability to control their time, poor pay at the end of the month, want to

be their own boss as you hear in many success seminars but the truth is quitting your current job will not change anything neither will it make you any better. Most think it will reduce the time spent working but it will actually increase it and it will be goodbye to your TGIF (Thank God Its Friday) syndrome as you will now work longer everyday, weekends inclusive.

If you think you are ready to quit your Job or job search and ready to take full control of your work destiny, i will simply ask you if you have a proof of concept of your idea. Many of us are always over excited about our ideas and never wonder why entrepreneurs to be are always told to connect what they do with their hobbies.

One point of note is that you are never your own boss when you decide to set up as business as an entrepreneur has many bosses ranging from staff, to customers, Government agents, landlord, suppliers, etc

Yours in Afripreneurship,
God Bless Nigeria, God Bless Africa.

by Segun Ogunlana

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Segun Ogunlana

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