Entrepreneurship from Sir Alex Ferguson

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I'm no fan of Manchester-United but when it comes to business, its sentiments aside. Sir Alex Ferguson said in 1988 and i quote "This isn't a job. It's a

mission. We will get there, believe me & when it happens life will change for Liverpool dramatically." You'll all agree that life really changed for Liverpool.

Most misunderstand what innovative entrepreneurship is. Its actually a mission; and more than a job, empowerment or being your own boss like i heard from many quarters.

Innovative entrepreneurs are not success driven but mission driven. Even if an innovative entrepreneur makes $1 billion dollars today, he wont quit business; worst he will do, is to go for one month holiday and come back to work or look for the next big thing.

Necessity is the father of invention but in the case of innovative entrepreneurship, necessity is not sufficient but rather mission-driven necessity. If you are not ready to offend your people close to you who go against your mission, then you are not ready for innovative entrepreneurship.

This thought of mine is as old as history. Like we see in movies, a king will have bodyguards who will swear to protect him to death and not to the pay they will be given. This is because they see it as a mission and not as a job; such is the fate of innovative entrepreneurs. We only see the success but never the story behind the success.

Sir Alex won the Champions league in 1999 but he didnt quit but continued and same in 2008 but he still continued. Entrepreneurship is not a job but a mission i believe he is saying. Just like Steve Jobs said in his parting words at Stanford's convocation in 2005, Stay hungry, stay foolish; Sir Alex Ferguson did just that.

A big brother who is the son of a grade A Oba in Yorubaland told me about a decade ago that someone said that when you call Dangote by 2am in the morning, you'd be surprise he will pick up your call. If we were in his shoes, i bet many would just take it easy and live a life of full enjoyment if you know what i mean.

Less is more and i wish all can take the lesson most especially those Manchester-United fans that want to be innovative. Your hero, Mr Fergie is telling you that innovative-entrepreneurship is not a Job that you can retire from but a mission that you carry on till your last breath. 
"Stay foolish, stay hungry" - Steve Jobs. Cheers!!!

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Segun Ogunlana

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