Improving your SMS Marketing Response Rate

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SMS forms a major part of mobile marketing. At least for most marketers in Nigeria. Marketing is one of the most important parts of business, without it every other thing will not just work to your favour. Do you use SMS in

your marketing yet? If not you need to, many that do fail to do it properly and so have low return on their marketing investments.

At least 90% of SMS received by mobile phone users in Nigeria is considered SPAM. Yes. SPAM SMS. Never thought you'll hear that term being used for SMS right?

Like spam emails, spam SMS is any unsolicited commercial message sent repeatedly but this time via SMS.
Most Nigerian phone users get an average of 5 spam SMS each day. I personally get up to 15 daily. And like majority of people, I go for the delete button immediately I get them.

Here are some things you should do to improve your SMS response;
1. First stop sending spam SMS. Its doesn't work.
2. Build your own SMS list.
3. If sending unsolicited commercial message for the first time introduce yourself and ask for permission.
4. Use 'power words' in your SMS messages. 'Power words' include words like amazing.,, finger licking.., easy to do.., etc.
5. Always ensure there are proper opt-in and opt-out procedures.
6. Know your customers, their data, needs, purchase history, etc.

With any of these you can greatly improve your sms/mobile marketing campaign and thus generate more revenue for your business. And even save money too. By the way Feel free to experiment and try other strategies you know.

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