Smart Ways to Use Google Analytics to Grow your Business

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You have created a website, started promoting it but how do you measure the effectiveness of your promotion? You might be using a Google ad, Facebook ad or

an advert on a website that you purchased from BuyAds marketplace.

If you are like most people, you use Google Analytics, but Google Analytics or GA for short is like a template for something awesome or terrible. It becomes awesome when you know how to customize it and terrible when it’s left in its default state. I will like to share with you simple ways to use Google Analytics to grow your business.

This post is very basic and it assumes that you know how to set up Google Analytics on your site, if you don’t know how to do this, refer to this article

1. Visits:
Google Analytics allows you to see the number of visits to your site. This is one of the basic features and it also allows you to see the number of users coming to the site for that time period (new and returning), the number of pages they viewed, average time spent and the bounce rate.
This image is from our blog which is 3 weeks old and the time frame is from May 29 – June 30.

  • You could see that we had 146 visits in total.
  • 110 users with 75% being new users (new sessions)
  • Average time spent on our blog is 3minutes
  • Bounce rate is 58% which means our users find our content interesting. This metric is directly related to the average time spent on the site.

Jimi Image 1

2. Location, Demography and Devices used:

You could also use it to check the location of your users and those who are browsing throughyour website, check their demographics (age and gender) – this is particularly interesting for those who run ecommerce stores or have content for different genders; it also allows you to see which devices your users are using the most to view your site.

From our analytics data below using the same data set and time period as above, we can see that Desktop rules when it comes to the devices our users use.

Jimi Image 2

What does this mean?

It means, we should still continue with the plan to change our responsive mobile site to an optimized one. It’s not urgent but it’s important – though this data says fewer users are coming to the site via a mobile phone, what this data fails to show is that the mobile users are spending less time on the site compared with their desktop users.

See the image below here:

Jimi Image 3

We set a goal that told Google Analytics to record data for users who spend more than 3minutes on the site. 

Out of 121 desktop sessions, they all spent more than 3 minutes on the site consuming our content, while the 16 mobile visits and 9 tablet visits spent less time on the site – which could be for lots of reasons but most times, it’s because your site hasn’t been customized for their device. These are two smart ways to use Google Analytics to grow your business. Have you ever used Google Analytics to do make some predictions on your business? I would be happy to read your ideas in the comment section.


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