In Nigeria, imitation products are often referred to as ‘China’ or ‘Taiwan’, and Chinese businesses have used this strategy to enter many markets (imitation here

Businesses are always in constant search for new ideas that will sustain them in the market, and deciding on a particular idea is usually very challenging for

Innovation is not the exclusive preserve of big businesses or enterprises in developed countries. It’s not for expert entrepreneurs or geniuses either. It is a

In Africa, we are good at setting up businesses, but few of such businesses are truly entrepreneurial in nature. When you examine how businesses like

It was those day of the old stuffy internet chat room. You have selected a chat environment and an alias sad you start with the usual “hellos” and “his” and “who’s there” and

Entrepreneurship has been associated with mainly two things: Being innovative and starting a business. While the later is commonly practiced, the former which is the

Two major things that are driving the business world every entrepreneur must tap into are on-demand economy and knowledge economy. These two represent how

Over the years, technological innovation has dominated the business world especially when there is a huge breakthrough. Recently, that seems to be

Entrepreneurs (Runs Men) face several challenges when trying to sell ideas to prospective investors/companies. Let's face it,

As the year ends, businesses are already strategizing on how to remain relevant in 2014. Strategies are the powerhouse of any business and they are dependent mainly on the industry trends, changes in consumer taste and