The central bank of Nigeria in one of it's researches, published a report titled "SME: Issues, Challenges and Prospects" written by Prof. Banji Oyelaran-Oyeyinka Director

When considering the might of countries, most of us initially gauge their military strength before even thinking of their economic might. The moment economic strength is

The Niger Delta region, a zone of six states is rich in hydrocarbons and water resources. It is home to the Ijaws which are the majority, and other groups like

The Yoruba ethnic group, a nation of over 35 million are found in the South Western Region, North Central States of Kogi and Kwara as well as

The Igbos have been trading for over 500 years ago and this has been sustained by an Apprentice Scheme where a master trains his apprentice for

The Northern Nigeria region which is the largest in the country by landmass is home to the Hausa, Fulani, Kanuri and other groups like the

Entrepreneurs are vital to the progress of any country’s economy. These small business owners and their activities are instrumental to

A feasibility study helps to analyse the viability of a business idea. The feasibility study goes beyond the initial can we to answer the crucial question of