Re-Engineering Northern Nigeria Economy

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The Northern Nigeria region which is the largest in the country by landmass is home to the Hausa, Fulani, Kanuri and other groups like the

Gbagyi, Nupe, Igala, Idoma, Tiv, Jukun, Berom, Angas, Kataf, Kuteb, Jarawa, Tangale, etc.
It is a region which has agriculture as the mainstay of it's economy as it feeds the rest of the federation with it's produce and also rich in solid minerals.

Due to large demographic of it's population not literate, poverty, diseases and insecurity have destroyed the Northern economy. The collapse of the United Nigeria Textile Mill in Kaduna, Ajaokuta Steel Plant in Kogi, etc have led to the importation of foreign textile and steel.

To get the Northern Nigeria Economy on track the following should be done:

1. Education:
The Northern State Governments should invest in providing quality education for it's citizens. The Almajiri should be educated in both the Islamic and Western educational models to make them prepared for tomorrow's challenges. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions should be provided with modern infrastructure in order to make them competitive.

2. Build Technology Parks:
Technology Parks should be established in Kano, Zaria, Yola, Minna, Ilorin with the required world class infrastructure to support them to engage in Research, Development and Commercialization of findings to solve local problems.

3. Use Modern Agricultural Technologies:
Modern Agricultural Technologies should be embraced by the Northern State Governments to boost agriculture in their domains.

4. Establish Technical Vocational Institutes:
Vocational Institutes of learning should be established to train youths in skills which will make them self reliant rather than redundant.

5. Promote Solid Mineral Development:
The North has solid minerals worth billions of dollars in value which if developed will boost the fortunes of the region. Mining Development Agencies should be established in the mineral rich states to promote their development.

6. Establish Industrial Parks:
Industrial Parks should be established which will engage in the processing of agroproduce and solid minerals

7. Engage In Tree Planting To Combat Desertification:
Desertification is a serious threat to the economy of the North and must be tackled with a sustainable solution. Tree Planting can help to checkmate the effect of desertification and boost their economic fortunes.

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Nnamdi Odumody

He is an entrepreneur who is very passionate about the transformation of Nigeria & Africa through Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


  • Comment Link Segun Segunpreneur Ogunlana Jun 01 2015 posted by Segun Segunpreneur Ogunlana

    @Ayobamidele; Valid points you have there and i agree because of first hand experience. I remember years ago when our Gateman (A Northerner) whose daugther was of schooling age. My Dad asked him to enrol her in a school that he will pay but the gateman refused and said its not necessary as its not something they do. He believed its meant for some other people like he said then.
    Looking back at the story i heard about the implementation of Free Education by Chief Obafemi Awolowo, i learnt the free education was really accepted by many parents in the western region. So what he did was to ensure that fertilizer was always shared in the school compounds managed by the headmaster who is called to ensure all parents with Children in school get. When those who take their children to the farm saw the difference between their produce and the ones of those who sent their children to school and receive fertilizer, they had a change of mind and started sending their kids too.

    The key here is likely for the government to have a proper incentive programme that will be irrestible.

    Regarding the mobile phones suggestion, that is a great one that entrepreneurs, social enterprises or NGOs can tap into.

  • Comment Link Ayobamidele kalejaiye Jun 01 2015 posted by Ayobamidele kalejaiye

    A nice Article . But due to the religious believe in the north a lot of indigenes abhor education. and I those who want to be educated are torn between loyalty to the morals and community and self development. I suggest that while a reorientation is going on ,virtual education through phones and mobile can be used to deploy education to avoid the destruction of lives and properties which is prevalent in the region.


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