Re-Engineering South-Southern Nigeria Economy

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The Niger Delta region, a zone of six states is rich in hydrocarbons and water resources. It is home to the Ijaws which are the majority, and other groups like

the Bini, Urhobo, Itsekiri, Isoko, Anioma, Ikwerre, Annang, Ibibio, Efik, etc
Despite it's resources, the region is plagued with poverty and environmental degradation as a result of oil spillage and gas flaring which has destroyed their natural habitat.
To re-engineer the economy of the Niger Delta area, urgent steps should be taken by the leaders which include

1. Investment In Education:
The leaders of the Niger Delta should build state of the art primary, secondary and tertiary institutions which will be well equipped and offer STEM education as a foundation for technological excellence amongst it's youths to solve the problems of the region.

2. Investment in Research and Technology Parks:
The Niger Delta should establish Research and Technology Parks which will focus on future solutions for energy, water, fisheries, agriculture, building, manufacturing taking their aquatic environment into context in line with modern technologies of today like nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc. These parks should be established in Benin, Port Harcourt, Warri, Asaba/Ogwashiukwu, Ugep, Wilberforce Island(Bayelsa) and the Ibom Science and Technology Park at Uyo which will create a knowledge economy should be established.
The Knowledge Park at Tinapa should be given more priority by the present administration of Senator Ben Ayade to create technology entrepreneurs of the Silicon Calabar corridor.

3. Investment in Infrastructure:
Infrastructural investments which will boost the regional economy like Roads, Rail, River and Deep Seaports, airports and Special Economic Zones should be established. The governments of Bayelsa, Rivers and Delta states can understudy the infrastructural developments of Florida, Venice, Rotterdam, Singapore and other city states which are aquatic in nature to build sustainable infrastructure which will contribute to the development of their region.

4.Establishment of Industrial Parks:
Industrial Parks should be established in all the senatorial districts in the Niger Delta which will focus on AgroAllied Industries, Boat and Shipbuilding, Oil and Gas Pipeline Manufacturing, Rig Construction and other allied products which support the hydrocarbon dominant economy of the region

5. Establishment of Venture Capital Funds:
Venture Capital Funds should be established to support young entrepreneurs of the region in order to stem the tide of militancy due to poverty

6. Investment in Seafaring:
The youths of the Niger Delta who are unemployed can be trained to become seafarers as their region is an aquatic region where their civilization revolves within the sea. Seafaring contributes about $6billion to the Phillipino economy and the Niger Delta can equally rake in billions of dollars from seafaring if the youths are empowered to partake in the maritime economy.

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