Successful West Africa Bloggers Conference 2015 in Lagos

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The West Africa Bloggers' Conference which took place at the Beckley Hotel, isaac John Str, G.R.A. Ikeja Lagos was a

splendid event that lived up to expectations with the presence of bloggers, brand managers, entrepreneurs, etc who came together to discuss the whole sphere of blogging from content to the business side of blogging & content.

Mr Lanre Aina from Google Nigeria showed in his presentation that Lagos had a population of about 173 million people out of which about 40 million people online. He also displayed the ranking of where people go to online which includes Google, facebook, youtube, twitter, etc

He talked about a blogger who owns Naijaloaded who is doing very well with blogging. He also showed that most of the online traffic from those accessing the internet are mostly visiting entertainment sites where they could see music stars like Davido, Wiz Kid, etc

He also talked about the success of Linda Ikeji's blog as well as the importance of collaboration in this age. He believes that those who will succeed in this age more will be those who will leverage mobile properly as well as collaborate. The most viral video online in Nigeria ever online was Beautiful Onyinye that had more than 1 million hits in one week while a good 67% of the traffic came from the mobile phone.

He showed that some unusual things came up from statistics as regards why people in Abuja are more interested in Davido for entertainment as well as being surprised that the state where most people are concerned about Boko Haram is Cross-River State.

The CMO MTN Nigeria, Bayo Adekambi talked about the changing game of content development and content consumption with all the electronic devices that are available now.

A successful blogger must find a space and define where they want to settle on. its not about many people competing with a big player in a space where they have dominance.

For example, in sports instead of focusing about everything that happens in football a blogger can instead focus on small areas like javelin. He made mention of a lady who actually made a name for herself by writing about successful people in the past and possibly see how they can survive in the current environment and they lady makes good returns combined with the authority she now controls in that space.

He advised people to pick up books on literature and things that people have ignored as they are all very relevant in the modern approach.

He talked about MTN working toward a product that will allow individuals have their own personal radio channel where people could call in to listen to their content and listen to something for 30 mins and pay N100 while the owner of the content can earn a fraction of that in a sharing formula.

Mr Ayodele Oyebade invited members of the audience to ask questions which the invited guests where able to answer. Mr Oyebade advised bloggers to produce original content so as to position themselves as authorities in their area of blogging interest.

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