Abdulwaheed Bashar

Abdulwaheed Bashar

A brand strategist, who's passionately driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of medium and small-scale enterprises, and a keen observer of the Nigerian market economy.

The problem with solution is the set of problems it creates. An enterprise solution is like a game of chess. Strategy. Tactics. And the invisible hand of luck, hardworking business owners

I met a man when I was handling construction projects for the Federal Government in Rivers and Imo state circa 2008. Please don’t ask why a brand advertiser went

Dear Entrepreneur,

It was Mother Teresa who said, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples” a statement which is

Once upon a time, there lived a charming prince; Edward Tudor, son of King Henry VIII, heir to the throne of England. One day, while at play in the serene atmosphere of the palace garden

All promise outruns performance - Ralph Waldo Emerson
In human to human relations, according to Wikipedia, "a promise is a manifestation of

It is customary to have a vision and to articulate a vision statement when venturing into any business; ideally, vision statements interconnect, mutually, the purpose and values of a business organization. On the flip side,

To create VALUE one must first think of UTILITY (Use-value). UTILITY is the importance a person or group of persons attach to a thing on the account of


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