Abdulwaheed Bashar

The Inherent Problems in Problem-Solving

Feb 20 2017 / Published in Strategy & Planning

The problem with solution is the set of problems it creates. An enterprise solution is like a game of chess. Strategy. Tactics. And the invisible hand of luck, hardworking business owners

The Main Reason why Businesses Don't Grow

Mar 06 2016 / Published in Growing

The professor turned to the class and asked, what is the best way to grow a successful business? Some of the brilliant MBA students raised their hands and gave

4 Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

Jan 18 2016 / Published in Ideas Management

A great way of starting or becoming an Entrepreneur is by turning your pleasure to business. If you love cars, you can open a car shop, if you like party, you can

Thinking and Acting Like an Entrepreneur

Oct 12 2015 / Published in Ideas Management

Thinking like an entrepreneur requires us to exploit the opportunities around us. It could be in our home, church, traffic, office, etc. An entrepreneur might see the


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