Ayokunle Bankole

Ayokunle Bankole

He is a self-starter, Nigerian serial entrepreneur, a company formation specialist of about a decade, and a small business advisor. He is currently on the board of Directors of some few startups: Delivery Merchant Ltd, Furnishing Effects Retail & Installation Ltd, Citizens & Expats Agency Ltd, and Global Infosolutions Nigeria Ltd.

The word branding is not a relatively new business concept. More than three decades ago, marketing expert Michael J Baker wrote

In today's volatile global marketplace, many companies in Nigeria and indeed around the world have repositioned themselves, changing

Who do People Say you are?

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Corporate identities are by no means a new idea when it comes to branding or positioning your company. The issue of corporate identity is

Today, there are 2 major reasons people are ready to pay you - for their ignorance and their time! They will either pay because


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