Emmanuel Abiona

Emmanuel Abiona

An innovative Social Entrepreneur, Prolific writer/Author and Psychologist passionate about empowering people's branding and development. He is the Publisher, Marketplace Strategist @ www.marketplacestrategist.com . He prides himself as a Human Capital Advisor who specializes in transforming the workplace via his – WEALTHBROOK Brand (a Human Capital Development firm)

Wait a minute! Can I pose this question to you? What is your disposition to life when you have handful piece of information which should serve as knowledge at

By default, we stand in a stance where our character can never be defined in its right perspective. We all claim to have our integrity unmasked without being

It's free! A wired concept endowed to our trust, you don't need to attend an institution to get certified for enrollment into the faculty. Its nothing other than

Everyone seems to have a dream, even an insane man do have a vision. Certainly when asked the question: do you have a dream? A ’Yes’ response well up in us but

As a trained psychologist, I was made to know that being conditioning to a certain way of thinking overtime will produce a response of that particular mindset; it does

Life primarily is beyond the choicest house you live in, good spouse you have to your credit, fat earned salary or profit made in business, choicest of car to

A force exist which we as individuals can’t afford to possess in life. Everyone desire it, masses are in dire need of its flow but not all can grab it as soon as it is released. It is

Hi Greatest Buddy of life, trust you’re getting on very well! Lets continue the series on Solving the Startup Capital Need readily available if you missed it, please read at Part 1.

Come to think of it, do we really have strong valid reasons not to kick start any venture in life? Alright maybe someone might say fund is the issue here, then I will surprise you 

Growing up as a young chap I could recall one of those games we do play, it’s the game of strength where a group tries to wrestle the rope from another in a


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