Emmanuel Abiona

What Small Business Owners Should Know about Bookkeeping

Mar 05 2016 / Published in accounting

Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions, and its part of the process of accounting in business. It is also the recording, on a day-to-day basis of the

Solving the "I don't have Capital Syndrome"

Nov 21 2015 / Published in Investing & Finance

Filled with excitement, after watching an Ad on TV from a first generation bank boasting of helping small businesses grow without need for collateral. I could

Starting with Nothing as an Entrepreneur

Aug 25 2015 / Published in Investing & Finance

Every aspiring and existing entrepreneur at some point has faced this virtual wall called ‘starting with nothing’. Virtual because unlike other things it’s an invisible

Pests and Parasites Affecting Your Business

Aug 08 2015 / Published in Growing

In my last post, we discussed in great detail on why adopting the mentality of a farmer is a far better way to grow your business than thinking like a hunter. A farmer simply


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