Emmanuel Abiona

Emmanuel Abiona

An innovative Social Entrepreneur, Prolific writer/Author and Psychologist passionate about empowering people's branding and development. He is the Publisher, Marketplace Strategist @ www.marketplacestrategist.com . He prides himself as a Human Capital Advisor who specializes in transforming the workplace via his – WEALTHBROOK Brand (a Human Capital Development firm)

Recently sphere of influence and workplace are emerging in an advancement order, growth is becoming strategic and our default setting is pushing us beyond

The Art of Branding

Jun 09 2015 / Published in Branding / Tagged under
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What comes to your mind whenever you hear of the word, BRANDING? May be a set of logo, design, creativity, pictorial representation or the likes will in quick

Starting a business has been a crucial issue in the business world over time due to the intimidating factor of generating capital for a business idea. Hence many scavenge for

5 Steps to Inculcate the Right Mindset

May 06 2015 / Published in Growing / Tagged under
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As a trained psychologist, I was made to know that being conditioned to a certain way of thinking overtime will produce a response of that

In life we all have opportunity of carrying as many as possible people as our friend without they necessarily adding value to us. Hence,

If there is one thing that makes me keep patronizing any firm or enterprise, it is due to the special way they render their services and


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