Morakinyo Beckley
Morakinyo Beckley

Morakinyo Beckley

Co-founder and COO of Oyoyo Retail Limited and Founder of Bringitbay Limited. He holds a Masters in Entrepreneurship from the University of Essex, UK and a BSc in Economics from Lagos State University, Ojo. He has a background in banking - with exposure to Retail Sales/Operations. He has core competence in sales and logistics and he's an avid reader and tennis player.

This is the very delicate topic that business owners or entrepreneurs mention one thing from their mouth and believe another thing in their hearts. Many of us are guilty of saying

Having cash in the bank and assuming it's all profit - Many great entrepreneurial businesses have seen their value eroded simply by their owners assuming that all the cash in the bank is

New business owners at time get carried away by the projections and opportunities available to the business they're embarking upon and as a result of this fail to evaluate the cost of a business start up.

Take for example

Many a business have become successful on mastering this key and strategic business decision while many more have been

Foreigners are having the Nigerian economy & market for breakfast, lunch & dinner. And we say its tough, difficult, this, that...what are


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