Ofunre Iriobe
Ofunre Iriobe

Ofunre Iriobe

Ofunre Iriobe is a researcher, and facilitator at the Redeemer's University Entrepreneurship Development Centre. He is also a private consultant to young aspiring entrepreneurs.

The recent data released by the Nigerian bureau of Statistics showed that in early 2016, the country had a negative GDP of -0.36% and

The biggest fear of any entrepreneur is to create a product or service that will fail in the market. The risk of losing an investment or customers to competitors

Innovation is the foundation of entrepreneurial success and the gateway to unique product development. An entrepreneur can only go as far as he or she can

Innovating in business is a deliberate and conscious effort. It is part of your competitive strategy hence, a lot of planning goes into it. In Africa, our decision

Finally, we are in 2016, a new year with so much uncertainty in the socio-political sphere, economic and other domain of human existence. For some, it’s an

If you are conversant with the foreign exchange market in Nigeria, at least you already know that the Naira is exchanging for as much as 260 for 1 dollar. It

In part one of this series (read here); I highlighted three major innovative activities that will influence business activities in Nigeria come 2016. These

Its end of the year, businesses are taking stock of their performances with the aim of projecting for the coming year. This time of the year is not for crying over 

Business in 2015 has been one of the most challenging for many companies. The fluctuating oil prices and terrorism are some factors that shaped business decisions

One of the characteristics of great organisations is the ability to develop a culture of innovation. This is a culture that puts a system is in place to help the


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