Ofunre Iriobe

How to get Innovation Inspiration in Business

Jan 20 2016 / Published in Innovation

Innovating in business is a deliberate and conscious effort. It is part of your competitive strategy hence, a lot of planning goes into it. In Africa, our decision

Ralph Lauren’s Smart Interactive Dressing Room: How to Build a Dominant Brand

Nov 23 2015 / Published in Innovation

In the early 19th century, long before the advent of the computer, type- writers reigned supreme. It was highest piece of technology as regards writing, pouring

3 Challenges of Converting Ideas to Product

Sep 01 2015 / Published in Innovation

Businesses are always in constant search for new ideas that will sustain them in the market, and deciding on a particular idea is usually very challenging for

How an Old Internet Acronym can Revolutionize your Business

Jul 02 2015 / Published in Innovation

It was those day of the old stuffy internet chat room. You have selected a chat environment and an alias sad you start with the usual “hellos” and “his” and “who’s there” and


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