Ofunre Iriobe

Startups and SMEs Gather to Discuss how to Build a Successful Technology Business

Feb 09 2017 / Published in News

Afripreneur Partners with Social Media Week Lagos To Produce "Building a Successful Technology Startup in Africa." The SMW Lagos 2017 theme “The [new]

Top 20 Reasons Why Most Startups Fail [Infographic]

Jun 06 2016 / Published in Innovation

Are you a newbie founder? Do you want to ensure your startup does not fail woefully? Researching early to discover why startups fail will also help you get

How to get Innovation Inspiration in Business

Jan 20 2016 / Published in Innovation

Innovating in business is a deliberate and conscious effort. It is part of your competitive strategy hence, a lot of planning goes into it. In Africa, our decision

Innovative Activities that will Shape your Business in 2016 - 1

Dec 07 2015 / Published in Innovation

Its end of the year, businesses are taking stock of their performances with the aim of projecting for the coming year. This time of the year is not for crying over 


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