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Eizu Uwaoma

Eizu Uwaoma

He is the founder & lead strategist of Hexavia, a business, brand, training & management consulting firm. Having interacted with over 500 top executives & over 50 businesses and has a proficient skill in enterprise development, literal prowess and prolific aura and an authority in brand, human capital and business training as well as project consultancy. He runs the Decoded, the Hexavian Masterclass and the Hexavian Business Club. www.hexavia.net .

True Story: I have a friend who once wrote JAMB (The official examination to secure admission into a University in Nigeria) about the same time as me. Back then, I asked

Like they say all fingers are not equal but they all still remain fingers. All customers are extremely 1.Lazy---2.Crazy--and

The 21st Century currency for business is social capital. Even banks when giving loans or investor don't invest in ideas, they invest in people. Your

1. Self-starters:
Successful people don't wait for someone else to tell them what to do, or when to do it — they take action themselves. When you're a self-starter, you look for

Where would your business, career or idea be in the next one hundred years? The greatest use of your skill, idea and even life is to spend it for something that

Dr Dre, a producer known to frustrate artists in the vocal booth, even Busta Rhymes had to leave Aftermath records. Jay-z calls him a perfectionist. He got Snoop Dogg to

My baby steps, I hope you find them useful and applicable to you also.

Step 1: Create and hold a picture of where you want to be long enough in your mind and you'd have

There's a difference. You are working doesn't mean that you have a job. You have a job doesn't mean you have a career. Also, you once made money off


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