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Olumide Sholana

He is a Co-Founder of AgricPedia (www.agricpedia.com) – An online agricultural platform dedicated to promote agricultural businesses and to share real-time information. He holds a BTech. in Statistics from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology. He has a specialty in Website Development and Information System Engineering. He is a competent project manager and a lover of athletics.

Geese belongs to the duck family, but they are reared differently from ducks. Most importantly geese needs space, pool, protection from harsh weather condition. For

I was summoned to serve and I yielded. I got to the place of my assignment and was welcomed by a weeping forest. My curiosity took the better part of me, so I inquired

Setting Up a Cocoa Farm

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The demand for cocoa seed is extremely high globally and the international price is quite encouraging to farmers. Chocolates, confectioneries, beverages etc are 


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