Ofunre Iriobe
Ofunre Iriobe

Ofunre Iriobe

Ofunre Iriobe is a researcher, and facilitator at the Redeemer's University Entrepreneurship Development Centre. He is also a private consultant to young aspiring entrepreneurs.

Businesses are always in constant search for new ideas that will sustain them in the market, and deciding on a particular idea is usually very challenging for

The ultimate aim of any small business owner is to get to a stage where the business becomes self sustaining or what I refer to it as ‘putting your business on auto pilot.’

Innovation is not the exclusive preserve of big businesses or enterprises in developed countries. It’s not for expert entrepreneurs or geniuses either. It is a

Successful businesses have realized that their individual efforts have limitations that interaction and collaboration with other firms can neutralize. Most start-ups believe that

In Africa, we are good at setting up businesses, but few of such businesses are truly entrepreneurial in nature. When you examine how businesses like

Entrepreneurship has been associated with mainly two things: Being innovative and starting a business. While the later is commonly practiced, the former which is the

Two major things that are driving the business world every entrepreneur must tap into are on-demand economy and knowledge economy. These two represent how

Entrepreneurship is not a style, and its no joke. It is not a wish, and its not in having a great idea, or having a complimentary card and a business name. Being an entrepreneur is about

Competitors can copy your strategy, your product or service but they cannot copy the loyalty of your customers. Every business organisation wants to achieve a high level of loyalty with customers, unfortunately

Social networking sites (SNS) have proved to be a veritable tool for organisations and advertising agencies to narrow their campaigns to the most relevant audience. Aside from the personal feelings, it can


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