Ofunre Iriobe
Ofunre Iriobe

Ofunre Iriobe

Ofunre Iriobe is a researcher, and facilitator at the Redeemer's University Entrepreneurship Development Centre. He is also a private consultant to young aspiring entrepreneurs.

In both developed and developing countries, entrepreneurship has been advocated as means of bridging the gap between the poor and the rich. It has also been

Over the years, Customer relationship management (CRM) has been considered as one of the strategies for achieving customer retention, customer satisfaction and customer value. Unfortunately,

A lot of entrepreneurs pay more attention to their personal traits rather than their business functions. While these traits provide a clue to what makes entrepreneurs tick, it does not guarantee success like the functions entrepreneurs are meant to perform.

“There are always more smart people outside your company than within it.” - Bill Joy

Imagine having a customer as

Over the years, technological innovation has dominated the business world especially when there is a huge breakthrough. Recently, that seems to be

In most business seminars or schools, you will be told that being a customer centric business will help you earn more market share. Whether that still holds today,

When businesses decide to be customer focused, their objective is simple: Control. They want to control the customer to

As the year ends, businesses are already strategizing on how to remain relevant in 2014. Strategies are the powerhouse of any business and they are dependent mainly on the industry trends, changes in consumer taste and

Today December 6, 2013, the world mourns the passing away of Nelson Mandela. - a Legend, the face of freedom in Africa and indeed the world. An iconic leader that the world stood still for because of the values he represents.

However, beside his personal life and struggles for freedom,


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