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Segun Ogunlana

Segun Ogunlana

A social innovator, a fixer, who likes to make a difference and get things done better. His focus covers Project Management, Systemic Innovation, Product Development, Design Thinking, Business Strategy, Set-up & Development. Some call him a super manager, natural marketer and sales man. He is a Chelsea fan too.

Marketing Mistakes

Apr 29 2015 / Published in Marketing / Tagged under
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Marketing is a part of any successful business plan. Without it, your business is doomed. avoid these five mistakes when it comes to marketing. Marketing is a catchall term for intersection of your business where

Failing to Assess Market Demand

Success comes more easily if you do what you love. However, passion for a particular activity or product is not enough basis to start a business. You need to examine the market potential, competition, resources required to

When i meet people who ask me the question, "Please, how can i get a good idea to start my own business" I simply reply them that it all depends on them. I'm also quick to advice that

The success of most businesses depend on how well their products or services are sold. Its the core duty of those in sales and marketing while others in the business do it on part-time. We all watch football for

Its very common to have aspiring and growing entrepreneurs struggle on getting customers to pay for the product or service they offer. This might not be far-fetched from the way their products and services are presented. Yoruba people will say,

Mr. Kolade Akintayo asked a question, "Why do African innovations only seem to replicate western achievements? Do we have real entrepreneurs that birth their innovation simply by finding lasting solutions to

Having an online website is an absolute necessity in the modern business world. A website is a representative resource for customer service and relations, but it is the best tool for attracting new business to your organization.

Alsu Ekinadose Odemwingie asked why the hardest thing that business people find hard to do is in setting a price. The Afripreneur group members were able to debate on this business killing issue as well as

A while ago ago, i was at the Lagos International trade-fair trying to woe businesses to the maiden IjebuMarket Discounts Trade Fair at the National Stadium Lagos being organised by my company and

Many people want to start one business or the other and when asked, will say, they are tired of their office politics of not being promoted, inability to control their time, poor pay at the end of the month, want to


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