Segun Ogunlana
Segun Ogunlana

Segun Ogunlana

A social innovator, a fixer, who likes to make a difference and get things done better. His focus covers Project Management, Systemic Innovation, Product Development, Design Thinking, Business Strategy, Set-up & Development. Some call him a super manager, natural marketer and sales man. He is a Chelsea fan too.

Below is a case study of what happened to a brilliant idea of an entrepreneur that was presented to a group of people to assess its viability as a business venture worth setting up.

An Afripreneur a while ago asked "My cousin has a contact in China who deals in the creation of tablets and smartphone which use simply cards, come with bluetooth, are android, have wifi, easy to use and are cheaper than 

An Afripreneur, Omotayo Adegbenro asked; Great Suleman! my own issue is this, i have a business website, how do I increase the online traffic there. Though I have Facebook, twitter accounts which are

An Afripreneur, by the name of Joseph Philip asked a question; "Hi Suleman, how can one go about online marketing for a transport company in the mould of Ifesinachi Transport Limited, ABC Transport and

Actions speak louder words as they say. In the course of the journey of life either starting a business or doing something new, rather than opening your mouth wide and telling people about what you do, its best if you

SMS forms a major part of mobile marketing. At least for most marketers in Nigeria. Marketing is one of the most important parts of business, without it every other thing will not just work to your favour. Do you use SMS in

Brand management starts with understanding what 'brand' really means. Imagine what a tribal mark is, its for life, some see it as a

I'm no fan of Manchester-United but when it comes to business, its sentiments aside. Sir Alex Ferguson said in 1988 and i quote "This isn't a job. It's a

An Afripreneur starting up a cleaning service business a while ago asked, "Please can anyone help me out with the pricing information and workability of

The Paradox of Business Growth

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In business growth, we get to a point where it does not represent our ideals again. The obvious problem is changing values but


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