Segun Ogunlana
Segun Ogunlana

Segun Ogunlana

A social innovator, a fixer, who likes to make a difference and get things done better. His focus covers Project Management, Systemic Innovation, Product Development, Design Thinking, Business Strategy, Set-up & Development. Some call him a super manager, natural marketer and sales man. He is a Chelsea fan too.

To be sincere, i dont know how to start this topic but if your mind is fertile enough, you will know where i'm driving at and

Entrepreneurship is the art of finding profitable solutions to problems. Every successful entrepreneur or business person has been able to

As a parent, you inspire entrepreneurship by fostering the emotional skills your child will need, such as comfort with risk, effective

Business these days is hard enough as profit margins have become slim due to competition and other factors yet so many people

As an entrepreneur, it's wise for you to realize early that there are two major kinds of forces that you must effectively manage if

What is the easiest and most effective way to tell if you might be saying the wrong thing at a networking event? It's if


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