Tayo Aroloye
Tayo Aroloye

Tayo Aroloye

He is the founder of the B.Y.O.B initiative with decades of experience on how small businesses start and grow. He is very passionate about entrepreneurs and how entrepreneurs are able to move from idea into viable businesses.

The following list shows the leading management mistakes that lead to business failure.

1. Going into business for the wrong reasons.
2. Advice and influence of

Greeting people can be really profitable. The greeting card industry in Europe is worth over 10 billion dollars. In Nigeria I estimate that our literate population is over 50 million. Every person has someone they want to

Money is important when you want to start your own business but it is not everything. Money without a good idea still comes to zero. Money in the hands of a person without a plan is likely to 

Starting a Children's Books Business

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I bought a black doll for my daughter years ago and she rejected it. She preferred her Barbie doll. Barbie doll is a foreign doll and i was a bit upset at the

Just as there is really no such thing as a perfect idea. in my own opinion, an idea is really only as good as the person who executes it. Even if you give cocain to an idiot to 

In todays busy and sophisticated world, convenience has become a real business opportunity. If you can come up with an idea that provides convenience which you can manage well, you can really make money. Products like


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